Bitcoin is an electronic payment service that is made with digital money, through a specific online system so that it is not linked to a bank or the economy of any country. It has its value that is generated according to demand and offers the great advantage of being completely anonymous. Those who issue electronic payments traditionally must identify themselves so that they can be verified according to the laws that regulate money laundering. However, those who use the bitcoin system operate in near anonymity, at least theoretically, because the system does not require knowing their identity. As there is no central entity that has to validate, users don’t need to identify themselves when operating with bitcoins.

When an operation request is sent, it is the same protocol that verifies the transactions that have been carried out previously. By confirming that the sender effectively has the bitcoin available and is authorized, it allows the operation. An exchange, also known as an exchange platform or exchange house, is a platform for customers to make transactions with digital assets. Its main objective is to make available the required tools to
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