Pick crypto that you would want to trade on or buy bitcoin, on the webpage of the ChangeNOW website. E.g., that you would want to swap Ethereum with Bitcoin. After determining the currencies, input the quantity of the deposit. ChangeNOW must inform you of the itemized invoice of BTCs you could get. Select Swap.

Input the address of the recipient
If you want to buy BTC, Create the crypto wallet destination address for which ChangeNOW delivers BTC, then click Next. Maybe in case, you don’t have a wallet for Bitcoin anymore. Press “Do not have a crypt wallet until now?” “Then chose a fitting portfolio from either the selection we have.
Confirm Transaction
Verify all the details you inserted and, if nothing looks wrong, hit Confirm. By approving the transaction, you have to let us recognize that you will have completed and understood the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
Make a deposit
Once your transaction has already validated, deliver your Ethereum ETH to the address of the wallet that ChangeNOW develops for you. The transfer might also conduct out through a QR code.
Get NOW, tokens!
Almost any transfer with ChangeNOW provides you NOW tokens – that you may use those later to be using the extra features of ChangeNOW. The privileges comprise negotiated exchange rates as well as improved services. Anything anyone you had to do to is to retain the tokens is input your ERC-20 wallet key!
Best Bitcoin trading platforms
The largest and most influential cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It was among the most high-profile initiatives of 2017 when millions of fans were capable of building an impact over only a few months. It has generated in China; however, after difficulties with the control of cryptocurrency in China, it has moved to Hong Kong. For instance, this is one of the top brands in the world of cryptocurrency.